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Fucking recycle

by gorichka.bg :: Comments (2) :: (Read 9085 times)

A young graphic designer based in London has created a poster collection to promote awareness and promote action. The posters can be seen all over London.
American born artist Becky Redman has created a collection of 50 posters printed on recycled paper to send a single message... fucking recycle!

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Comments (2)

01.05.2008 :: 00:15 :: by WillClennell
Re: Fucking recycle
A good clear message. It's simple enough isn't it? Just fucking recycle and everyone's a winner, alright!
25.06.2008 :: 21:14 :: by maencho
well, the language...
the name I mean is not quite appropriate, or I am too conservative. There could be also some additional information for all who want know who said that a recicled plastic bottle saves the energy needed for a 60W bulb 3 hours burning.. Still the initiative to cause as little damage as possible is definitely a fascinating one!

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