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About gorichka.bg

Gorichka.bg is a non-profit environmental organisation, providing positive and practical news and views to a large audience. It's web site gorichka.bg is published in Bulgarian and the team is based in Sofia.

Gorichka.bg is one of several environmental projects under the name of Gorichka ("little forest" in Bulgarian), including tree planting initiatives, media partnerships, corporate seminars.

About our goals

The greatest threat to our planet is people believing that the decline of our common environment is inevitable. Nothing could be further from the truth. If we all play a small part, big change is possible”.

Tony Juniper, Executive Director, Friends of the Earth

Gorichka views the environment and green living in a positive and practical way. The aim is to present issues as manageable, not daunting. At Gorichka we believe that although concepts such as climate change may seem overwhelming, it is possible to stay optimistic and to make a difference through small steps. Gorichka works to demonstrate that small steps are for each and everyone of us and that there is a great deal the individual can do independent of politics or big business.

Gorichka offers a platform to individuals involved with green issues and supports green projects, products and organisations. Projects run by Gorichka aim to be transparent and self-financing.

Gorichka aims to make its projects accessible to a wider audience, so that more people can begin to take interest in environmental issues. Through partnerships with key Bulgarian media, Gorichka provides informative, positive and practical pieces to newspapers and magazines such as “Edno magazine”, “Dnevnik”, “Bravacasa” and “Edna sedmica v Sofia”.

About us

Gorichka is an initiative by Magdalena Maleeva, a popular sports personality and until her retirement in 2005 Bulgaria’s top tennis player for several years. Magdalena has been involved with environmental issues for a long time and in 2006 launched Gorichka.bg to focus her efforts on green projects.


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